How to Use Splat Hair Dye Coloring- A Complete Guide to Using Splat Hair Dye

Learn how to use splat hair dye coloring. Splat Hair Dye and coloring is a wow! Do you love hair dyes and hair colorings? Are looking for the best ever hair dye? Splat hair dye is the best answer man has invented. This article is a complete and comprehensive guide on how to use splat hair dye. It has an introduction to splat hair dye, how to choose splat hair dye, splat hair dye allergies and tests, directions of using splat dye and coloring, splat hair dye maintenance and other possible risks as well dangers of splat hair dye.

Introduction to splat hair dye

How to use splat hair dye coloring is a concern of many people. You are asking why? The answer is very simple. Splat hair dye is one of the top ranked hair dyes that are available in the market. It is suitable for both men and women and it has the ability to transform your looks especially the hair color to that specific color you have always wanted. It will give you a model or superstar look and you will not believe it is you. Splat hair dyes and hair colors come in many different colors. Some of the colors that you are certainly going to like using include pink fetish, lusty lavender, luscious raspberry, multi-color and blue envy. You also need to know that there are two types of splat hair dye products. The splat bleaching and splat hair coloring products. These two splat hair dye products could be used independently or together. The latter can however never be used alone since it is only for bleaching your hair before you can use the dye.

How To Choosing the right splat hair dye color

How to use splat hair dye colorings begins when you go to buy the dye. You need to know how to choose the right splat hair dye. This is one of the very important splat hair dye tips. Also choosing the right type of splat hair dye is the first and most important step that will make you shine. There are various colors of splat hair dyes and you need to know which one will suit your skin complexion, hair type and hair color.

Most people go wrong here as they go for what they have seen their friends or heroes with, without bearing in mind that your skin color and hair color for instance will have an influence on how you will end up looking like. If you are not certain about which color you could go for, ask an expert to help you. Most vendors will test it for you before you can buy it. Your hair dresser could also help you choose the best color of splat hair dye that will suit you well.

Having chose the right splat hair dye, you do not start using it immediately. There is more into knowing how to use splat hair dye colorings than you think. You have to do a splat hair dye allergy test. What is splat hair dye allergy test?

Splat hair dye Allergy Test

Many people have turned to using splat hair dye before they understand this product well and they have suffered from various side effects as well as allergic reactions. Perhaps this is why you need this splat hair dye complete guide since it has not omitted any important information. Once you have identified a color that you think will suit you well, you need to do for an allergy test.

Why You Need to Do for a Splat Hair Dye Allergy Test

Generally allergy tests are very important and you will find out that all the splat hair dye kits advices you to do them. This is necessary as splat hair dye has some ingredients which have been found to irritate some people’s skins. In addition to that, some people will have a burning or itching sensation while others will have their skins red. Note that splat hair dye should never be used for eyebrows or lashes as it could possible cause blindness though such cases are rare. Blindness has been noted in some of the people who are allergic to splat hair dye. For the case of these people, upon using the dye on their eye lashes and brows, they will suffer from a severe inflammation which is likely to result to blindness.

How to Do a Splat Hair Dye Allergy Test?

To confirm whether you are allergic or not, clean the a small area of your skin either behind the ear or on your inner part of your arm using water and alcohol or soap then apply this area with splat hair dye. Allow the area you have applied the dye to dry. After about a day, you can then wash the area using soap and water gently. Observe if the skin becomes red or if you have any skin irritation. There shouldn’t be any form of inflammation or irritation whatsoever. If you do not have any of these signs of allergy, you can go ahead and use the splat hair dye you have chosen. This test should be done every time you want to use this dye and not once then subsequent times you ignore doing the test. I hope you are not wondering how splat hair dye is related to how to use splat hair dye colorings. It is important.

How to Use Splat Hair Dye – Instructions for Using Splat Hair Dye

This part has the most important instruction and directions on how to use splat hair dye. You will to learn the best ways on how to use splat hair dye that will not disappoint you no matter what your hair type or hair color is. They work magic. Not everyone who tries splat hair dye ends up being amazing, it is those who have followed the instructions for using this charming hair dye that get great results. Remember that although this hair dye is much hailed for its transforming ability, some people have not had much success while using it. This could be attributed to many factors, prime among then not knowing how to use splat hair dye. If you follow these instructions of using splat hair dye, you will not only look charming but also be very confident and unique.

Splat Dying Direction – Splat Hair Dye Tutorials

For natural hair that has not been bleached, you need to will skip the directions for bleaching and go directly to the splat hair dye coloring directions.

However, if you want to get intense, extreme and nerve rocking colors you need to follow the bleaching instructing or splat hair tutorials below.

1.    Clean your hair and let it dry completely. This is because splat hair dye is extremely concentrated and it will bleed to anything that is damp. This calls for you to completely get dressed when you will be going to bed.

2.    Put on a cap or towel as you are applying the splat hair dye. You should go for an old cape or towel as the dye will cause some coloring of your towel which may not be easy to remove. Splat hair dye is semi- permanent dye!

3.    Ensure that your forehead is protected as well as your ears. You could protect these areas using petroleum jelly. This will also ensure that your skin is not stained by this extremely strong hair dye.

4.    Stay away from your kitchen or bathroom surfaces as splat hair dye stains almost anything it comes in contact with.

5.    If you have hair that is long, you will be required to have an extra splat hair dye kit

6.    Remember that Color Oops is not able to remove splat hair dye.

Once you have done all the listed things above, you can then go on to using splat hair dye. Begin by carefully removing the cap of bottle that has splat oxide while the bottle is not pointing to your face. You should then tear the contents of splat lightening bleach and empty then to the splat oxide bottle. Afterwards, replace the splat oxide bottle cap and shake it vigorously for about a minute and then let it thicken for another minute. You can then remove the cap and attached the applicator tip on to the splat oxide bottle. Carefully, begin applying the splat hair dye you have prepared to various areas of your hair where you want the dye to be placed. Avoid applying the dye directly to your scalp; ensure that the mixture is kept a quarter an inch from your scalp. You can then cover using a plastic cap and if you are done with application, get rid of the bottle cap and rinse it out.

Precaution While Using Dying Your Hair – Risks and Danger of Splat Hair Dye

To avoid the pressure build up in the splat hair dye bottle, you should not leave the mixture in the applicator bottle for more than 2 minutes as this could cause explosion due to pressure build ups. This is why it is required that once you are through with the bleach, you need to get rid of the nozzle and this should be done while the bottle is directed away from your face and rinse the bottle before safely discarding it.

A Complete Guide to Using Splat Hair Dye

In the splat hair dye kit, you will be provided with a bleach timing chart. You should continuously check it as processing is going on. This has to be done after every ten minutes to avoid hair damages. Over processing is likely to damage your hair. To check, remove the dye from small hair strand using a paper towel that is damp. The actual processing time is depended on your hair type as some very resistant hairs could take up to an hour to process. The moment your hair becomes red blonde, you need to immediately rinse it with plenty of water then use shampoo. Your hair will be ready for applying the splat color.

If you desire to get hair that is very deep and vibrant in color, it is advisable you bleach the color to be very light pale blonde. For people who have dark hair, they may be required to re-bleach it. If your hair has been processes by metallic based dyes, you should avoid applying the bleach.

Splat Hair Dye Coloring Directions

1.    Before you begin coloring your hair using splat hair dye, just as in dying, thoroughly ensure that your hair is dry and using an old towel or cap, protect your clothing.

2.    You also need to protect your ears and forehead using petroleum jelly.

3.    Afterwards, you can thoroughly shake the splat hair dye bottle.

4.    In order to be able to use the hair dye, you need to attach the tip for application to the bottle and begin applying by squeezing the color onto the areas you want to have the dye. During application of the splat hair dye, it is not advisable to rub it on your scalp as this will stain it too. If accidentally the color gets onto your skin, rub it immediately using a damp towel or cloth.

5.    Let the color process as per the color timing chart and if you want to have the best results, consider using caps and driers. Once you are satisfied with the way the color has come out, you can then rinse it thoroughly using water only until the water is clear.

6.    Once the water is clear, shampoo it and let it dry. You can then style your hair as you desire. It is very important that you ensure that water becomes clear after you have shampooed it. Stay away from areas you do not want the splat hair dye color to stain such as your bathroom or kitchen.

To be look outstanding, consider using more than one splat color or use one create two or three color ways. Some of the fine colors which you are going to enjoy using include lusty lavender, pink fetish, luscious raspberry, blue envy, and multi-color

These simple instructions for using splat hair dye will make you shine everywhere you go.

Splat Hair Dye Maintenance

Once you have applied your favorite splat hair dye, it does not end here. For it to remain attractive, it requires maintenance. To maintain it, you will be required to put a quarter size of the splat color to the same amount of shampoo and then lather your content on your hair. Leave the lather on your hair for about five minutes and thoroughly rinse it.

Other Side Effects and Risks of Splat Hair Dye

Some people who are allergic to splat hair dye not only do they develop the already mentioned symptoms, their hair will begin falling off slowly and the scalp will also be affected. The effects that splat hair dye has on someone’s head are also depended on how it is used. Avoid using the dye close to your scalp. Keep a quarter an inch safe distance from your scalp.

To void such risks, you could go to salon or visit an expert in hair dyes, especially splat hair dye who will assist you in using it safely. You should also seek a professional’s advice especially medical as some few cases have been noted by those who use the dye to develop skin cancer

Ensure you keep splat hair dye away from your kids. This is because the dye could be swallowed and this will cause serious health problems. Also your child could spill the dye on your various items such as clothing, furniture, floor and so on. The dye does not come out easily.

Conclusion on Splat Hair Dye

To be successful in using splat hair dye, you need to have adequate information of Splat Hair Coloring. This is to ensure that nothing really goes wrong as you are using these wonderful hair coloring and dying products. Are you really interested in knowing more on any of the splat hair dye topics below?

I hope you have enjoying my complete guide to splat hair dye and how to use splat hair dye. Please share it :D

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